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Activities of APERA aim to promote educational research, knowledge advancement and policymaking such that reform efforts and education practices in the new century are optimized and rationalized, substantively and instrumentally, through concerted efforts of researchers, educators, and policy-makers for the benefits of our next generation.

APERA offers its members many opportunities for networking, collaboration, research and publication. Examples of activities include participation and contributions to APERA annual conference, journal publications, book series publications, research handbook publications, research students awards, research interest groups, electronic newsletter.

  • APERA-TERA 2016 Conference

    The 2016 International Conference of Asia Pacific Educational Research Association & Taiwan Education Research Association (APERA-TERA 2016), which was successfully held in National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan from 10-12 November 2016. The conference theme was "Towards a Future Utopia: 21st Century Educational Revolution. For details, please visit the APERA-TERA 2016 website: http://www.ctep.nsysu.edu.tw/APERA-TERA2016/index.html

  • APERA-HKERA 2014 Conference

    The Asia Pacific Educational Research Association & the Hong Kong Educational Research Association (APERA-HKERA) 2014 International Conference, which was successfully held in the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong from 19-21 November 2014. The conference theme was “Managing Global Changes and Education Reforms: Asia and Pacific Responses”. More than 500 participants from 41 countries and regions gathered in this 3-day conference to share their insights and discuss the difficulties they experienced in education. For details, please visit the APERA-HKERA 2014 website: http://www.ied.edu.hk/apera2014/

  • APERA 2008 Conference

    We warmly invite you to participate at the APERA 2008 conference hosted by Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS). The APERA 2008 conference will be held at the National Institute of Education, Singapore on 26-28 November 2008. The Conference Theme is: Educational Research for Innovation & Quality in Education: Policy & Pedagogical Engagements Across Contexts. For details, please visit the APERA 2008 Conference website : http://www.apera08.nie.edu.sg .

  • APERA 2006 Conference

    The APERA 2006 conference was hosted by Asia-Pacific Centre for Education Leadership and School Quality (APCELSQ) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education and Hong Kong Education Research Association on 28-30 November 2006. It was co-organised and sponsored by 20 other national and international organisations. It was organized for researchers, educators, and policy-makers in the Region and other parts of the world to share their innovative initiatives, frontier experiences, cutting-edge findings, and noble visions of education reforms. The theme of the Conference was: Educational Research, Policy, and Practice in an Era of Globalization: The Asia Pacific Perspectives. There were 613 participants from 31 countries participated at the 2006 Conference. Participants mainly comprised educators, researchers and policy makers from the Asia-Pacific Region. Over 600 parallel sessions (paper presentation, poster presentation, symposia and workshops) in about 14 sub-themes were presented at the conference.

    Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association
    Hong Kong Institute of Education-APCELSQ
    Hong Kong Educational Research Association

    The Hong Kong Baptist University (Department of Education Studies)
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Education)
    City University of Hong Kong (Comparative Education Policy Research Unit)
    The Hong Kong University (Faculty of Education)
    The Open University of Hong Kong (School of Education and Languages)
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Educational Development Centre)

    Journal Sponsors:
    International Journal of Educational Management
    Asia-Pacific Educational Review (APER) in Korea
    Educational Research for Policy and Practice (ERPP) in Australia

    International Sponsors:
    UNESCO-UNEVOC, International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training
    UNESCO-Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development
    UNESCO-Asia-Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education
    The Australian Council for Educational Research
    The British Council (Hong Kong)
    The China National Institute for Educational Research
    Education Research Association Singapore
    Korean Educational Development Institute
    National Institute for Educational Policy Research, Japan
    National Institute for Education Strategy and Curriculum (NIESAC) of Viet Nam
    The New Zealand Council for Educational Research


    We are pleased to share that the recipient of the APERA-ERPP Young Researcher Award for the year 2006 is Ms. Intan Azura Mokhtar. A Certificate and AUD $500 was presented to her at APERA 2006 Conference. Congratulations to Ms. Intan Azura Mokhtar.

    The APERA-ERPP Award was established at the instigation of Professor Colin Power, for the best article submitted each year by a young researcher (that is, under 35 years) for publication in ERPP (Educational Research for Policy and Practice). The initiative is in line with APERA and ERPPˇ¦s vision in supporting young researchers from the Region in the dissemination of their research endeavour.

    The Award comprises a certificate and $AUD 500 for researchers coming from a developing country in the Asia-Pacific region, and/or a certificate and $AUD 200 for researchers from a developed country. Submissions to ERPP will be judged by a panel from the APERA Executive and the ERPP Editorial Board in terms of the quality of the research and the level of potential impact on educational policy and practice. ERPP welcomes manuscripts on both quantitative and qualitative research studies, focussing either on system-wide reforms and policymaking, or on specific educational issues facing teachers and learners in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • The APERA journal of the Association, Educational Research for Policy and Practice

    Educational Research for Policy and Practice (ERPP) is the official journal of the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association. ERPP aims to improve education and educational research in Asia and the Pacific by promoting the dissemination of high quality research which addresses key issues in educational policy and practice. The journal is an international, professionally refereed journal targeted at education professionals with an interest in the ways in which educational research can inform, and be informed by, educational decision making and practice in the Asia-Pacific region.

    We are pleased to announce that Professor Oon-Seng Tan, National Institute of Education, Singapore, is the new Editor-in-Chief of Educational Research for Policy and Practice as of January 1, 2008. He is assisted by Dr Pak-Tee Ng, National Institute of Education, Singapore, as Executive Editor.

    APERA would like to express our sincere gratitude to Professor Colin Power, Editor-in-Chief for the journal since 2002. Professor Power is founder of the ERPP journal. APERA is profoundly grateful for the leadership of Professor Power.

    Submission online is available at http://www.editorialmanager.com/erpp/

  • The publication of the "Asia-Pacific Handbook on Educational Research"

    Members are invited to contribute to a new edition of the Asia-Pacific Handbook on Educational Research. The official publication of the Asia-Pacific Handbook on Educational Research is the most comprehensive source of education research information in the Region. The Handbook has 92 chapters and nearly 100 authors. It covers all key areas of educational research, practice, and policy. (Editors-in-Chief: Professor John Keeves & Dr. Ryo Watanabe). Please visit the following site for further information: The International Handbook of Educational Research in the Asia-Pacific Region

  • The publication of the "Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects" book series

    Six books of this series have been published, covering key issues of education in the Region (Editors-in-Chief: Dr. Rupert Maclean & Dr. Ryo Watanabe). Please visit the following site for further information: Education in the Asia-Pacific Region- Issues, Concerns and Prospects

  • Sponsorship of key research activities of major education research organizations in the Region

    APERA supports and sponsors key research activities of major educational research organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Please contact the APERA Secretariat for sponsorship of your Regional and International conferences in education research, policy and practice. Examples of recent sponsorships include:

APERA will progressively provide other services, such as:

  • A program of professional development training seminars for educational research professionals; Electronic discussion group on its web site; The publication of other book series on topics of relevance to the Asia-Pacific using authors from the region; Electronic newsletter to members to provide updates on educational research activities and projects in the region; Support of interest groups within the region; Support of research students and the encouragement of staff exchanges between institutions in the region; and
  • The recognition of outstanding researchers in the region through a fellowship scheme.