Advice No One Will Follow

You Need To Floss Your Teeth

Everyone has heard that you need to floss your teeth a million times.

You have been hearing it from the dentist and the dental hygienist your entire life, every time you go in to have a regular cleaning.

And if you are like most people, you do not floss your teeth regularly.  You completely forget about flossing your teeth until about a day or two before your next dentist cleaning.  You try to floss your teeth and your gums bleed.

Your gums bleed because you do not floss your teeth regularly.  And your gums bleed when the dentist flosses your teeth and you think going to the dentist is painful.  Because you never floss your teeth.

You have no one but your self to blame.

Flossing your teeth is the single most important thing you can do to prevent cavities.  No matter how much you brush your teeth, you can not get the food matter that gets wedge between your teeth from eating, out.  The only way to get the stuff stuck between your teeth is to FLOSS.

If you do not floss, that food material breaks down and essentially starts to rot.  This rot infects the enamel in the two teeth it is stuck between.  The next thing you know, you have not just one, but two cavities.

All because you would not floss your teeth.

So how can you overcome your ability to not floss your teeth.  How can you start the habit of flossing everyday.

Well, I do not know for sure.  I don’t think there is one fool proof way that will work for everyone.  I think most folks won’t floss their teeth no matter what.

The best idea I’ve ever heard to get someone to start flossing is to start with one tooth.

Just start flossing one tooth.  Not very complicated, eh?

Start flossing one tooth every night.

The idea is that you will start to see how nice and clean that one tooth feel and you will start to floss your other teeth.  Eventually you will start flossing all your teeth and the next thing you know you will have developed a healthy habit.

This may work for you, it may not.

Just remember, figure out what works for you, to get you started flossing everyday.

Your smile will be better, your teeth cleaner, and you’ll be happier, the sooner you start flossing.

Good luck!