Warning Signs

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People need to be aware of taking care of their teeth on a regular basis. They should brush and floss their teeth twice a day and visit their dentist for checkups and cleaning. Since this is what they need to do for good oral health, it is important that they follow these suggestions to deal with tooth decay in a proper way.

Healthy Teeth

People that have healthy teeth are usually taking good care of them. They brush them twice a day and they floss properly. Since this is known to keep the mouth and teeth in good shape, they don’t get cavities as much as the people that do not follow these suggestions.

Tooth Decay

When people do not brush their teeth or floss them regularly, they have a greater chance of getting cavities because of tooth decay. This is when the food particles are left on the teeth and they cause permanent damage on the hard parts of the teeth. It will affect the enamel of the teeth and cause a hole which is a cavity. When this happens, the cavity will need to be filled.

Why Does This Happen To Teeth?

The major reason that cavities occur is because a person doesn’t brush and floss their teeth. They are caused by eating and drinking sugary foods, sticky foods, and beverages that are filled with carbohydrates and sugar. This sticks to the enamel of the teeth and eventually wears a hole in it.

Every time that a person eats a snack that is filled with sugar, it stays there for 20 minutes. Eating lots of these snacks will give cavities a chance to form.

Over time, the hole in the tooth can get bigger and bigger until the tooth is destroyed. This can result in a lot of pain for a person and they may also have trouble when they are eating.

Fixing Cavities

The person that has problems with their tooth will notice pain probably that will have them seeing their dentist. After a thorough checkup, they will remove the parts of the tooth that have the decay and they will use a filling to the repair the hole in the tooth. People that do not have their teeth filled when they need to have them filled will have more problems down the line. They will deal with a lot more pain and gum disease if they do not get the work that is needed completed.

People need to make sure that they take the proper care of their teeth. By setting up a routine for when they get up in the morning and before they go to bed at night, they will brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. By also visiting their dentist, their teeth should stay good and strong for a long time to come. By developing these good habits when a person is young, they will carry them with them into adulthood so that their oral health will be kept at its best.